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We are IT experts.

Justin Esgar
Mac Guru/Founder & CEO Virtua Consulting

Justin is the founder and CEO of Virtua Consulting, a New York City-based company in its second decade of operation. VC divisions include the Apple-certified consultancy Virtua Computers, the business-focused ACES Conference, and the software development group Virtua XYZ. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island and over 20 years of industry experience, Justin focuses on empowering businesses, organizations, and individuals with the judicious application of technology.

Ashley Perry
Director of Strategic Planning

Ashley is an experienced, well-rounded leader, problem solver, and former nonprofit staff member. She knows technology is the number one solution that many nonprofits are underutilizing. Her 15 years of experience in accounting, business management, and technology have allowed her to create a strong platform from which she helps nonprofits see the big picture and increase their technological maturity.

She is the head writer for website, where nonprofits go for technology, strategy, and community.


With 14 years in business running an Apple consultancy, Justin Esgar, the founder of the NonprofIT SummIT figured out one thing—nonprofits are not putting resources into their technology in the right ways. Too many smaller nonprofits were continuously choosing the lowest cost IT options, reserving as many dollars as possible to keep funding their amazing causes. In theory, that makes sense. If you run a nonprofit and are granted any money, you want that to go directly to your cause. However, Justin found one metric that kept being overlooked — productivity. When staff are running on slow, older computers, the website isn't mobile-friendly, or there is data sprawl, the team's progress is limited and fundraising goals are often missed.

Armed with that knowledge, Justin set out to help nonprofits maximize their productivity through smart, efficient IT tools and processes while staying within budget and achieving their fundraising goals. With guidance from Justin and his team, nonprofits of every scale have been achieving stable, continuing growth year after year. Justin realized that industry-specific IT expertise is fundamental for the 92% of nonprofits that make less than $1m in revenue a year—to help them dismantle internal barriers and break through their current self-capped ceilings. 

Hence, two new initiatives were born:

1) - where nonprofits go to learn about technology.

2) The Nonprof-IT SummIT - bringing in industry experts to help pave the way for nonprofits.

Our goal is to help all nonprofits succeed and grow, one smart decision at a time.

The SummIT is NOT a sales conference.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee.